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Network Norwich website is big hit with users

NetworkNorwichButtonLogoWebThe Network Norwich website is a big hit among its regular users with latest news and events being among the favourite parts of the website, according to a recent survey of users.
Over 170 users responded to our survey with 96% of them saying news was a real favourite and 74% saying events also were. The church directory and partner websites were also popular among around 40% of users, with action zones, forums, training and job vacancies also favourites.
The Network Norwich website has been up and running for over two years to serve the city’s Christian community and now reaches around 1,550 registered users every week via e-mail and around 6,000 different people visit it every month.
Some 90% of regular users visit the site every week, 60% when they receive the weekly e-mail bulletin. The e-news bulletin is very popular with readers and around three-quarters of those who receive it say they like the bulletin being sent out weekly. Of the 1,400 people who receive the bulletin, 87% click on at least one story every, or most, times they receive it.
When users were asked if they are interested in news and information about the wider Norfolk Christian community as well as Norwich, 75% said yes with another 21% saying maybe. Only 4% are not.
When asked if they would welcome a Network-type website covering other areas of the Norfolk Christian community, a resounding 93% of users said yes or maybe
KeithMorrisPeople use information from the website to reproduce in their own church newsletters and to pray about.
“It gives a real sense of our Christian community in Norwich,” said one reader, “it is a good resource for Christians and for people who are on the edge of the church,” said another. “It is an invaluable and up-to-date communications link,” was another comment.
“It keeps us all informed and united,” said someone else. “It’s the place where we can locally come together and be connected like the joints in Ephesians of the body of Christ,” said another. “I would dearly love to see the rest of Norfolk included in this website,” said a different reader.
Network Norwich website editor, Keith Morris (pictured above), said: “I want to thank the many users of the site who responded to our survey, and for your many generous comments.
“We will look closely at the results and use them to determine the direction in which the website is heading. We will certainly be looking into the possibility of covering the wider Norfolk Christian community much more thoroughly. Anyone who is keen to help explore this particular avenue should send me an e-mail.”


To submit a story or to publicise an event please email: web@networknorwich.co.uk