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Anna Heydon urges us to reach out to reconcile to others rather than live with the regret of separation.
Ruth Lilley reminds us that trusting in the arms of Jesus is the best way to tackle the uncertainties that life brings our way.
Andrew Frere-Smith reminds us of the importance of community, especially in the light of the various community events taking place this weekend to celebrate the King’s coronation.
Jane Walters reminds us that we sometimes need to await God’s timing before leaping headfirst into what might seem a good idea at the time.
Revd Matthew Price encourages us to see the forthcoming Coronation as an opportunity for our churches to engage with the community.
Philip Young has been rejoicing in the Easter celebrations because he believes that the resurrection of Jesus is of importance to all people.
When it comes to professional football on Good Friday, Norwich City, along with many English teams, played matches, in contrast to many other European countries, says UEA German football researcher and journalist Ben McFadyean.
David Child urges us to consider our response to the sacrifice Jesus made for us on that first Good Friday.
Anna Heydon was temporarily but necessarily displaced from her home for a few days back in February, and as a consequence urges us to look compassionately upon those arriving on our shores with nowhere to live.
Ruth Lilley shares with us her concern for children and young people, and urges us to do all we can to support and encourage them.
Alan Hallmart encourages us to take part in 30 Days of Prayer to pray for the Muslim community during the current Ramadan season.
As we lament the misdemeanours of some public figures, Jane Walters urges us to strive to follow Jesus’ example and be people of integrity.
Philip Young reminds us of the inequalities that exist in the world today, and calls us to action.
As we approach Easter, Andy Bryant points out that many people remain stuck in the day between the grief of Good Friday and the joy of Easter Sunday.
Ruth Lilley is inspired by the story of the risen Jesus providing breakfast for His disciples, and reminds us that Jesus provides for our needs.
Anna Heydon suggests we should follow Jesus’ example when helping people by asking them what they actually want.
Jane Walters reminds us that God is able to unravel and create beauty from the tangle of our messy lives.
Andrew Frere Smith points out some ways to lift our mood during what many see as a gloomy time of year.
In the light of recent Scottish legislation, Andy Bryant questions whether there is too much emphasis on gender when establishing our identity.
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