You are invited to hear the explosive testimony of Norfolk farmer Colin King, over breakfast with the Norwich FGB, at Waterloo Park Pavilion Café in Norwich, on Saturday October 8.
Former Policeman and now evangelist Roland Tann is the guest speaker at the September 27 dinner of FGB Norwich.
Tough guy Ian McDowall, a former East London nightclub bouncer was the guest speaker at the May 23 dinner of FGB Norwich.
Norwich FGB branch president Barrie Lawrence has just stepped down as the National Chairman of FGB UK and Ireland after three “great” years in the role.
Essex Baptist Pastor Dave McDowell has been a Policeman, fed orphans in India and lived under a boat as a tramp. He told his remarkable story at the April dinner of Norwich FGB on April 27.
Norfolk builder Colin Rogers had a chance street encounter which changed his life forever and led him to travel the world telling his story.
Former drug addict and now support worker for homeless addicts, Steven Kerr, was the speaker at the February meeting of Norwich FGB.
Nissar Hussain, a high profile convert from Islam to Christianity, who has suffered persecution for his decision, was the speaker at the Christmas dinner of the Norwich FGB on December 13 in Norwich.
Norwich FGB Vice President and carpenter Tim Arnold has died at the age of 70. Branch President Barrie Lawrence pays tribute.
Norwich FGB President Barrie Lawrence has spoken in a Facebook video about a modern-day #miracle: a friend receiving his full vision after not being able to read! Click here to see more.
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