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Why did so many people hate evolution? 
In 1925, an American school teacher was put on trial for teaching evolution. The 'Scopes Monkey Trial' was global news and an important moment in the ever-changing relationship between science and religion. Join an online lecture on September 17. More ...
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Orthodox Church hosts talks on Eastern Christianity 
St Fursey’s parish in Stalham will be hosting a series of evening talks about the Orthodox Christian faith for anyone interested in learning more about Eastern Christianity. More ...
CelebrateGospel Voices
Singers and choirs invited to join Norwich carol event
Celebrate Norfolk is looking for choirs, church groups and other ad-hoc groups of singers who are willing and able to join the charity’s carol-singing event in Norwich city centre on Saturday December 19. More ...
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Bid to bring Passion Play to streets of Norwich
Celebrate Norfolk is co-ordinating a bid to bring well-known professional Christian theatre company Saltmine to perform a Passion Play on the streets of Norwich at Easter 2021. More ...
Keith Morris
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Norfolk connections to Mayflower voyage 400 years ago
Exactly 400 years ago, a group of brave pilgrims sailed from England on a hazardous journey to North America on the Mayflower in search of a new life. The group included a dozen with Norfolk roots. More ...
John Wright brings out a handbook for imitating Christ 
Local author John Wright has published a booklet summarising in 45 pages The Imitation of Christ, the classical work by Thomas à Kempis. More ...
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Due to coronavirus restrictions most events are currently cancelled. We will re-introduce our events listing once lockdown starts to come to an end.


Published: 06/01/2016