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An inspirational video: My Redeemer Lives


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Alan and Wendy 20/07/2008 09:40
There's just something about love, isn't there!
marianne wallbridge (Guest) 20/07/2008 17:50
Wow I am in tears that is amazing it reminds me carry one anothers burdens truly he is carrying his brother in the love of God. Truly My Redeemer Lives thank you Father God and Nicole Mullins for the song.
Bob Wallbridge (Guest) 20/07/2008 17:59
Sometimes words are completely inadequate. This video touched me more deeply than all the words in the world. This is my walk, your walk , an expression of God's love for all of us whoever and whatever we may be.
Alan Bishop (Guest) 21/07/2008 09:01
It makes me tingle to see the love of some human beings for others,but this is nothing in relation to the love of God in sending His Son to die for us. The only two commandments, love the Lord your God and love your neighbour. This truly sets an example for us all to follow.
Suzie Malt (Guest) 21/07/2008 09:08
This video shows us what a heart of Love God has for us. If an earthly father can show this Love how much more my heavnly father. It touches my heart in a deep place.WOW.
Pat Midgley (Guest) 21/07/2008 09:41
I am in tears and not for the first time after witnessing such love and dedication from this beautiful father and son, and their family. Our Church wept as one when our Pastor showed the video in place of a sermon a few years ago. This is truly God's love and grace in action. Thank you for bringing it to us again. Thank you Jesus, our Redeemer and Lord, to our Almighty God be all the glory.
kathleen mcevoy (Guest) 12/12/2008 00:46
god is alive and well and living within us all he only asks you to follow his way to discover what it is like to truely be part of gods plan for you and to reach out to others in the same way so they too can know god at a deeper more personal level. god is great and wants to show you how much he truely loves us all.
anita leavy (Guest) 12/12/2008 00:50
god is so wonderful and mighty too know him is to know what it is to truely love with out limitations.There is nothing you can not see or do once god enters your life he only need to be made welcome by you to allow this happen and take place.Gis love is thee only love that can save you .This is the joy of knowing god for real.
kathleen thompson (Guest) 12/12/2008 00:55
everything that is divinely beautiful can only be found through the love of god, what that does when in your life when it is there is beyond belief because of the wonder it brings and the joy of having god part of your every day life shows you how special and meaningful gods love is for us all.He is the light , the way forward on our lifes path.
1233 (Guest) 14/12/2017 02:10
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