Norwich women's ministry is heaven scent 

Heaven Scent3A vintage style afternoon was held this month by the Heaven Scent women's ministry linked with TLC with the theme 'When I grow up..." looking at what it means to grow in relationship with God.

As a church TLC have been covering the themes of Knowing God, Growing People and Going Out which led to the idea for this event which focused on the idea that each person is on a journey of growth. Around 50 women attended the event organised by Heaven Scent Women's Ministry on June 15 at Drayton Hall 

The emphasis of the morning seminar was was to encourage the women to go after all that God has in store for them, to grow in the right relationships and moving beyond the past. Table talk discussion groups followed on the subject of 'Growth' which were hosted by Ruth Stephenson. The women were invited to share their stories of what God is doing in their lives and where they have seen growth in their relationship with God.

Then after a light lunch the ladies got to enjoy themselves taking part in vintage style photoshoots - they had come dressed for the part and even had the chance of having their hair done to match!


Heaven Scent1

Sharon Plummer, who organised the event said, "We ended with a beautiful array of china tea cups and traditional afternoon tea all whilst enjoying more talk and cakes! What more could a lady want? A chance to talk, enlarge friendship circles, eat cake all centred round a God who loves his daughters and loves to watch them growing in him!"

Sharon received excellent feedback from the day and was encouraged to hear what an impact it had on those who attended. "Even though hours were spent preparing and planning and with many china cups laid out, the importance always has to come back to a loving God who is central to everything we do.

"If the ladies left feeling empowered and inspired to impact their world by rising to the challenge to believe and dream again and most importantly to realise that God loves them for who they are then it was worth every moment.

"I have loved how many husbands have come to thank me for the event as they have seen the evidence of the impact of the day on their wives."

The group is looking forward to a retreat in October with guest speaker Arianna Walker from Mercy Ministries.

Pictured above: Ruth Stephenson – table talk host; Carolyn Hucknall – worship leader;Sharon Plummer – Heaven Scent leader
Wendy 04/07/2013 10:11
I was delighted to hear about how well your ladies conference had gone in July and what a great ministry this is. I have recently started working for the Woman Alive Christian woman's magazine and we are always looking for ways to promote our lovely magazine to Christian women. I wondered if you would be interested in receiving some free promotional copies when you next have an event? I have personally heard Arianna talking at New Wine last year - she was excellent (take some tissues!) and they do some amazing work. We would be very happy to send you a sample ahead of time. Just let me know. In the meantime keep up the good work of supporting each other.
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