Norwich Cathedral's new education appointment

Janet MarshallJanet Marshall has been appointed as Head of Schools and Family Learning at Norwich Cathedral and would like people to get in touch with ideas on developing its education and outreach work.

Janet Marshall joins Norwich Cathedral after four years as Head of Schools & Families at St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

In that post Janet was responsible for developing cross curricular learning programmes for schools and families work, with a particular focus on creative spiritual development opportunities for teachers and pupils.

Speaking on her appointment, Janet said: “I’m really happy to be back in East Anglia and feel privileged and excited at the prospect of continuing to develop the fantastic education work in such a wonderful cathedral.

“I am especially looking forward to working with Diocesan and County schools in Norfolk and surrounding counties and to developing our outreach to families, parishes and community groups. So please get in touch to share your ideas and let me know what you’d like from us.”

Originally from Grimsby, Lincolnshire, Janet graduated from Nottingham University in 1982 before going on to teach Religious Education in secondary and junior schools in London and Derby.

On moving to Norfolk in 1996 Janet entered the world of ‘sacred space education’ when she took up the post of Education Officer at the Anglican Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. Creating and developing the Education Department over 14 years, Janet was responsible for schools programmes and developing pilgrimage outreach and activities to parishes, families, children and youth across the county and nationwide.

Highlighting her expertise, Janet is a published author of several teacher resource books and picture story books and enjoys writing stories for children. Janet has two grown up children and in her spare time she enjoys travel, theatre, music and drama of all kinds.

You can get in touch with Janet by calling 01603 218320 or emailing
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