Piano star Alan shares faith story in Norwich

With music and song, a former rock and pop pianist who played alongside some of the biggest stars in the world of rock music wshared the moving story of how came to faith in Christ as guest speaker at a special one-course supper evening in Norwich on Wednesday, February 28 at The Mercure Hotel.

From the age of 17, Alan ‘Piano’ Smith showed remarkable keyboard talents which opened the way for him to perform in the UK and Europe with some of the biggest names in 60s pop music, often seven nights a week.

Later, he launched a cabaret career combined with daytime business interests, but his hectic schedule as a sales director eventually took its toll and his health collapsed.

At his lowest point, Alan questioned the meaning of life. Then one day, he came across a tiny country church where he committed his life to Jesus Christ.  “Slowly but surely, my entire life was turned around.”

Today, Alan is still in the music business but he delights to share his story – and his faith – in an entertaining way through music and song in a unique presentation called ‘Way Points.’
This event is one of the regular FGB Fellowship’s dinner evenings where speakers share "new life stories."    Norwich FGB Chapter is part of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship in more than 100 nations. FGB is endorsed by the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, who says: “We need more men like them.”

Pictured, above, is Alan ‘Piano’ Smith.

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