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St Mary’s Church, Watton hosted a ‘Songs of Praise’ service in celebration of Norfolk Day on Sunday, July 29 with the Mayor of Watton reading a poem she had written in tribute to the county.

A congregation of almost 100 from St Mary’s Church, Watton and the benefice of Ashill, Saham Toney, Carbrooke and Ovington joined in the celebration of Norfolk Day at a special Songs of Praise Group Service on Sunday, July 29 at 10.30am.
The service included poems written about Norfolk which were read aloud with hymns to suit. Watton Town Mayor Cllr Tina Kiddell read the first poem entitled ‘Norfolk’ originally written for her Civic Service.

Norfolk by Tina Kiddell, Town Mayor of Watton
Skies of blue, fluffy clouds float by.
Green pastures fresh.
Poppies red, faces up, tall and proud.
Dew drops glistening.
Deer dancing.
No ceilings.
Vistas in abundance.
Tractors slow, like armies marching through freshly turned earth.
Life new, with birds soaring to the heavens.
Sun scorching, winds soft.
The sea near, comforting in its contour.
Quiet and calm, Norfolk.
God’s Garden.

Lorraine Eldridge, Organist at St Mary’s said: “It was an amazingly uplifting day for all of us with bunting and flags made by the children adorning the church. Not forgetting the perfect finale of tea and Norfolk shortcake after the service. It makes me so proud to be living in this glorious county!”
The poem 'To Norfolk with Love' was written by Alicia Eldridge especially for the service.
To Norfolk With Love by Alicia Eldridge
I remember a simpler time.
When days seemed a never ending ray of sunshine,
spent in the arms of those who cherished each moment.
Dad, a silver haired gentleman whose voice would read me to sleep and soothe the aches of a growing mind, with songs of doggies in windows and bunches of coconuts.
Music was a constant source of nourishment.
Mum, a wizard on the organ would shower me with encouragement to sing.
The sacred space of St Mary's Church would be our Opera House!
Together with glorious pipes and Diva Arias, we would spend endless time in worship to the Lord of Music.
I am thankful for the magic of Norfolk. For deep friendship, first love’s kiss, true family, and the tranquillity that comes with sunrise as it hits the golden fields - The rich soil that seeds unconditional love.
To Norfolk, my heart forever lies in each bird song, the wind in the lush trees and in the memories of those who remember a simpler time spent in the sun….

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