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Is the Grinch right about what Christmas means 

Norfolk County Hall Chaplain, Rev Dr Liviu Barbu ponders on the real meaning of Christmas.


After all, what is Christmas all about? Just as the Grinch had realised it, to his bewilderment, a timely reminder for us all, “Christmas doesn't come from a store... perhaps Christmas means a little bit more!”

Christmas is of course, for most of us, the warmth of a home lit by stories around the fireplace, surrounded by the affection and love of those closest to us.

At every Christmas, Christ comes in our midst in the humblest fashion, as an innocent and harmless infant. He is God's gift to our freedom, to do whatever we wish with Him and his message of love, mercy and peace. Through the birth of Christ, goodness grows in the world as light into darkness, as a mustard seed, as a baby turning man, still innocent and good to the end.

The original meaning of Christmas is self-sacrifice for the good of others. Like the heavenly King, who comes humbly amongst us to help us out,  so we could choose to be less than we are in order to give a bit of ourselves to others.

Christ identifies Himself with all and each vulnerable person. Christmas is sensing where God wishes to reach out, through us, to those less fortunate, who expect nothing or very little from life. We could offer them a twinkle of divine light.

At Christmas, God knocks at the door of our own hearts to ask whether we wish to welcome Him in our life where He can warm us up with His gentle presence. Lit up by his rebirth in our heart we can become his hands working in the world. Through us he works miracles for the people who need help. 

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Published: 30/12/2019