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Jesus loves it when we laugh

Despite the hardships many around the world are currently facing, Ruth Lilley suggests that laughter is an important part of our lives.

Children laugh, on average, 150 times a day. Adults laugh, on average, only six times a day. Wow - I think I miss out by being an adult, although I am quite privileged as I often get to listen to children laughing, either at home or at school. Their laughter is a beautiful sound and is so full of freedom.
It seems crazy to think that as my life has progressed my ability to laugh has reduced. It does not seem quite right that for every one time I laugh, my children are capable of laughing 25 times. A statistic I would like to be different - I would like to be more like a child. 
That is something Jesus also suggests, to be more childlike. Children are curious, they explore - often with their eyes wide open, searching and usually finding something to satisfy their curiosity. Children love without expectation. Often, they are very forgiving and generous. Children are able to give of themselves, simply because that is what they wish to do. Maybe, because children are so willing to receive, they freely find joy and happiness which leads to lots and lots of laughter. 
Maybe my laughter is less because I am much more complicated and far less free. I over-think, I come with expectations, I am wary of being curious or exploring something new. I struggle to give of myself as I am unsure of what I might receive in return. 
I do not want to be average! Instead, I choose to find laughter. I wonder if it may not be an easy choice as it will mean letting go. Finding real laughter and the freedom that it brings means letting go of expectations and pressing pause on overthinking. Curiosity will have to take the place of planning how things will turn out. As I take each new step, I will have to be free rather than bound to what has been. 
I very much imagine this will involve one step forward and then a few steps back - I will not be hitting the 150 mark straight away! However, I am certain it will be worth the effort, and I know that Jesus will be sharing in my joy for He loves to hear us laugh. Then, I will persevere because laughter is beautiful, it is contagious, it is uplifting and freeing. Average is simply no comparison.
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ruth starkings 150CFRuth Lilley teaches at an infant school in Norwich. She also enjoys writing, and writes a regular blog called ‘With Every Sun Comes A New Day.’


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