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Norwich pastor urges World Cup freedom prayer 

A Norwich church pastor is urging people to help tackle religious persecution by watching and praying during the World Cup in Quatar.

Christian anti-persecution charity Open Doors has launched a campaign to highlight religious persecution in seven of the countries who are taking part in the World Cup Finals in Quatar over the next few weeks.
It has produced a World Cup Prayer Chart detailing the games involving the seven footballing nations including hosts Quatar, which are on its Watch List, where being a Christian can come at a huge cost.
It is asking football fans to watch the games involving these teams and pray at the same time for those facing persecution in those countries to find religious freedom.
The other countries are Iran, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Tunisia, Mexico and Cameroon and the threats to Christians in them include Islamic oppression, dictatorial oppression, clan oppression, organized crime and corruption.
CityGates Norwich lead pastor, Andy Rees, spoke to his congregation last week urging them to take part. He said: “We see the World Cup as an opportunity for the church to pray for Christians living in World Cup nations who are being persecuted.”
You can join Andy, who says he will be supporting the mighty Wales wearing his leek hat, and members of his congregation, to enjoy pizzas while watching the high-profile group clash between Wales and England on Tuesday November 29, from 7pm at CityGates, 2-6 Botolph Street, Norwich, NR3 1DY.
Read more about the church at: www.citygatesnorwich.org
Pictured above is CityGates Norwich lead pastor Andy Rees in his Wales shirt.

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