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Christian mechanic offers excellent service 

Romanian-born Vali is a fully qualified mechanic based in Norwich and can fix pretty much any car of any age - contact him for a quote.

Vali is fully qualified NVQ level 3 technician (UK qualification) born in Romania and came to the UK in 2010.

Since leaving school he became an apprentice mechanic and worked his way up through various dealerships before starting his own mechanics business.

With 22 years experience under his belt, Vali can fix pretty much any car of any age. Having learnt the trade in Romania, he became accustomed to fixing components rather than just throwing them away to replace with a new one. So this has given Vali a gift in being able to repair most aspects of any car such as gearboxes also keeping the costs very low.

"I bring to my business the values I have as a Christian, which are honesty, fairness and integrity" 

Contact VP Motor Group

Tel: Tel: 07706 511 269
email: contact@vpmotorgroup.co.uk

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