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Artificial IntelligenceCFCould robots replace humans made in God's image? 

In a world populated by machines with artificial intelligence, what will it mean to be human? Professor John Wyatt will discuss the social impact of this all-pervasive technology at a public lecture in Norwich Cathedral on October 3.

Recent advances in psychology have greatly improved our understanding of the role of emotional expression in communication, perception, decision-making, attention and memory. At the same time, advances in technology mean that it is becoming possible for machines to sense, analyse and express human emotions.
From an ethical viewpoint, these advances raise new and complex issues. For example, if we can build robots with emotional intelligence and sensitivity, is it appropriate for them to become our companions, friends and lovers?  What is special about human beings in a world where intelligent machines are increasingly designed to behave like humans?
In his lecture, John Wyatt will argue that we must always maintain a clear distinction between human beings and robots. Christian thinking sees self-giving love between people as the highest expression of our humanity, making a profound distinction between I-you and I-it relationships.
John WyattProfessor Wyatt [pictured right] is a very distinguished speaker with a wide range of interests in biomedical ethics and the social implications of technology. He is currently leading a research project into the social impact of artificial intelligence and robotic technology at the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion in Cambridge. He is Emeritus Professor of Medical Ethics at University College London, and author of the book “Matters of Life and Death: Human dilemmas in the light of the Christian faith”.
This talk will be suitable for a non-specialist audience. All are welcome – of all faiths and none. No booking is required. There will be a bookstall and a retiring collection. It is the tenth annual Cathedral Lecture organised by Science and Faith in Norfolk, a local group affiliated to Christians in Science. Previous lectures have included many distinguished scientists seeking to explore the relationship between science and faith.

Event details

Wednesday October 3
7 - 8.30pm
Norwich Cathedral
Free of charge

There is further Information on the website for Science and Faith in Norfolk
Click here to download the a poster promoting the event
Contact: Prof Nick Brewin,; Mob 07901 884114
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