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News from Call to Prayer group in Norwich 

Norwich Christian group Call to Prayer has published a new prayer booklet and also has an exciting vision to become a 'Light House' 

New prayer booklet published

Jill Gower and Robbie Bain have produced a prayer book entitled ‘Your Nation Needs You’.  With an explanatory section at the front, this gives 40 days of prayers, declarations and blessings to speak over our nation as the spiritual battle intensifies. 

Jill said, "There is such power in speaking out the Word of God and in the prayer of agreement, and we invite you to join with us in this.  Our earlier booklets have gone all over this country and beyond, mainly through people sharing them with friends.  It is a great encouragement to us to know how many are using these already ... we believe that now is the time for another mighty push!"

The booklets are available for £3 each plus postage. Click here to order

Light  Houses

Call to Prayer is holding an event on Saturday July 13 from 10am to lunch time to share their vision of becoming a 'light house for prayer'. 

Jill said, "Several years ago the Lord said to believe Him for 100 Lighthouses of Prayer for the J John Mission.  We eventually had 113! Even one in Jerusalem. In recent weeks God has been showing us to become a Light House for Him.  Subsequently we feel the next step for us is to launch Light Houses where small or large groups can connect with us."

Everyone is welcome to come along and find out about this prayer network and how it links together.
?Venue: House of Prayer, Fishergate, Norwich, NR3 1SE