Celebrate Norfolk offers the chance for a united public witness

Celebrate Norfolk has announced its 2020 date – Saturday June 20. Project Director John Betts issues an invitation to churches and Christian organisations and groups to join the event at the Forum in Norwich.

The world we are living in has seen the culture of Great Britain become increasingly secularised. There is pressure on believers to keep their faith to themselves and drive Christian witness underground.

Christian street preachers have been harassed and accused of hate speak just for reading the Bible on our streets. Yet it is still legal and indeed a human right to speak freely of our faith in public.

The media, radio, TV, newspapers etc, bombard us with anti-Christian values and beliefs which have taken hold on society to the detriment of us all. The pressure is on for churches to compromise our faith and adopt the current non-biblical moral values in order to fit in with society.

Now is the time for the church to arise and stand in the gap before God on behalf of all that we hold dear. Our forefathers dared to defy the king, parliament and the church for the sake of the gospel and the hope of the nation. This generation carries the responsibility before the Lord in this day and age.

Greater Norwich is full of fine churches and flourishing ministries which are effectively serving the Lord and the community in which they are placed, making a contribution to the quality of life of many and building Christ’s kingdom. However, there is a need for the whole Body of Christ to rediscover the value of being together in one place for the Lord as a way of proclaiming to the powers that be, in heaven and on earth, that Jesus Christ is Lord.

With all that is going on in our society, there is a need for those who understand what the issues are to come together in prayer and corporate witness in public for the good of our city, county and country. There is much at stake. The future of Christian work and witness, our freedom to preach Christ and to work to advance the Kingdom of God and the quality of life of the community at large.

Celebrate Norfolk is one of the only initiatives currently gathering churches and ministries together in Norwich to celebrate, demonstrate and communicate our faith in the public arena. We are always looking for more partners to join us as we do so - churches and ministries who catch the vision of the power of standing together in the heart of our city. We celebrated our tenth anniversary this year with a new freshness and vitality which we hope to build upon in 2020.

We have begun our planning for Celebrate Norfolk on Saturday June 20, 2020, at The Forum in the heart of our city. A wonderful venue which provides the ideal space for such an event. Catch the vision and join us this year.

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