We are physically apart but our hearts are closer than ever

Norfolk County Hall Chaplain, Rev Dr Liviu Barbu, suggests that in the current crisis though we are physically further apart, our hearts are closer than ever.


More than ever before we now find ourselves in the midst of the current crisis together as one. Our lives depend on what we do or do not do for ourselves and the other. Though we stay apart from one another, our hearts are ever closer.
We cannot but admire and pray for those carrying the burden, more than anyone else, as they put on the "armour" of protection equipment, bending over and caring with professionalism and dedication for those battling an unseen, reckless and unscrupulous enemy.
In time of need and agony, Christ prayed that we all may be one (John 17:21), united amongst ourselves and flourishing under the grace and love of God.
Our petty cares fade in the heat of the present situation as the best of humanity shines forth. Our candid deeds, thoughts and prayers are most valuable and effective in combating fear, panic, isolation and loneliness. Our prayer works when it resonates with the spiritual and material needs of our neighbors close and far.
Let us pray for each person we know needs our thoughts and prayers and for all humanity to come together and come out of it. Praying, simply and effectively for the other, be that the Prime Minister or any other person in need, our prayer establishes a bridge and a bond with the other like no other means.
May we all be strengthened in this trying time of need and may we come out of it as better people, who no longer take for granted freedom, relationships and even our own lives.
On the cross, Christ is embracing the world in his and our suffering. May we all spiritually embrace one another in the light of Easter with the hope that we will again be able to come together soon, renewed, ready for a better life and a society where our differences will no longer be dividing us, but will beautifully color and flavour our unity of purpose.
I wish to all of you who will be celebrating Easter a blessed peaceful time, spent in patience and unfailing hope, and to the rest of us a good, profitable time!

Pictured above, the Romanian Orthodox Church worshipping at St Mary’s Church, Gillingham, Norfolk.
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Published: 09/04/2020